The Developmental Learning Center (DLC) is a faith-based inclusion nonprofit child care center for children of all abilities, with and without developmental delays, where each child is taught at their own pace.

About DLC


The Developmental Learning Center (DLC) provides year-round high-quality education, nursing care, and therapies to children of all abilities so that children and families have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.


Our vision is to serve all children in Jacksonville that need our services, regardless of their families’ ability to pay. In the future we hope to have DLC programs in all areas of Jacksonville to be more accessible to all children with special needs.


The Developmental Learning Center (DLC) is a special education school dedicated to meeting all the needs of special needs children in a Christian, loving atmosphere. Our program is based upon the idea that children with handicaps are children first and their potential is ours to discover. We strive to help each child reach this potential by providing normalized activities geared toward individual skill levels. We believe this is best done when therapies are incorporated into daily activities. At DLC, our attitude gives your child the opportunity to say “Yes, I can!”


Where it all began…
As a special education teacher in the Jacksonville, Florida public school system, Amy Buggle chaired a committee to find services for children with special needs. She found that day care was simply not available for children with moderate to severe handicaps. With the help of Murray Hill United Methodist Church, she left her secure teaching position and founded DLC Nurse & Learn, offering special education services, physical therapy and extended day care for children of all abilities.

Amy Buggle thru her years at DLC

As more needs were identified as not being met in the community, Amy added more services. Children with medically complex situations were not allowed in the existing special needs programs, so DLC hired a registered nurse and medical assistants. Those children who were previously denied could now attend school and socialize with other children. This allowed the parents of these children who were forced to stay at home, some on welfare, the opportunity to attend high school, college or to work while their child was in a safe and productive environment.

Since 1989, the center has served students with special needs, from birth to 22 years of age. Children from birth to 6 years may attend a full day preschool program and students’ ages 3-21 may also attend before/after school for educational activities, therapy and medical care. Any child with a disability or medical problem, which prevents them from attending regular day care or other developmental preschools, is eligible for service. The children have a variety of disabilities including cerebral palsy, microcephaly, anencephaly, Down Syndrome, Arthrogryposis, tuberous sclerosis, Tay-Sachs disease, tracheostomy, gastronomy tube, seizure disorders, open kidneys, etc.

DLC now provides full-time nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and vision therapy. DLC has a volunteer program serving troubled youth, which allows them to fulfill community service hours and learn valuable lessons working one-on-one with disabled children. Many other youth also volunteer after school, on holidays and during the summer.

DLC continues to provide full-time nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. In 2019, DLC celebrated 30 years of Miracles and Hope for serving the Jacksonville community and continuing to help special needs families. Mrs. Buggle retired in December 2019 to spend more time with her mom, husband, grandchildren, family and friends. Amy passed the reins to Heather Corey, who officially took over January 2020. Amy has recently published a memoir about her time at DLC and her personal faith. You can purchase the book on Amazon here.

In 2021 DLC added music therapy with community partners and in 2022 added a collaboration effort to provide behavioral therapy. In 2023 DLC transitioned back to their original name concept of the Developmental Learning Center, however, our mission and vision remains the same!

Board of Directors

Aaron Noles
Aaron Noles

President, Prudential Financial

Terri Thomas
Terri Thomas

Vice-President, City & Police Credit Union

Kalynn Franklin
Kalynn Franklin

Treasurer, Miller Electric Company

Haley Eccles
Rev. Haley Eccles

Secretary, Campus to City
Wesley Foundation

Board Members

  • Tracy Crissman Retired Civil Service
  • Dr. Chris Gabbard University of North Florida
  • Joe Honeycutt Retired Commercial Construction Development
  • Ellen Light Baptist Health
  • Allison Sample Community Volunteer
  • Terri Thomas City & Police Credit Union

Staff Leadership

  • Heather Corey
    Heather Corey, CFRE, Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Executive Officer, BA in Business Administration; over 20 years in nonprofit industry, over 15 years in Senior Management, Certified Fund Raising Expert Certification (CFRE). Employed at DLC since February 2019.
  • Annalaura Scott
    Annalaura Scott, CNA, Chief Programs Officer
    Chief Programs Officer, CDA in Early Childhood, Maintains the Florida Child Care Director’s License as well as a Florida Certified Nursing Assistant License. Employed with DLC since 2011.
  • Sue Molina
    Sue Molina, RN, Director of Nursing
    Registered Nurse, BS Degree in Nursing from the Chamberlain College of Nursing. Employed with DLC Nurse & Learn since 2019.
  • Carolyn Janzen
    Erin Church, Finance Director
    BA in Education in Middle Grades Mathematics & Science from UNF and Masters of Business Administration from JU. Over 10 years in the accounting and tax sectors serving as a Controller and Senior Accountant. Joined the DLC Team January 2022.
  • Carolyn Janzen
    Carolyn Janzen, MHS, PT, Director of Therapy
    Physical Therapist, Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy and a Master of Health Science degree with physical therapy emphasis on neurology and pediatrics. Employed with DLC since 2022.
  • Elisabeth Goodrich
    Elizabeth Goodrich, CNA, Assistant Program Director
    Assistant Program Director, Associates Degree from FSCJ, Child Development Associate Credentials and Director’s Credentials. Employed with DLC Nurse & Learn since 2013.

Additional Professional Staff

  • Lauren Blunk
    Lauren Blunk Foote
    Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)
    Employed with DLC since 2022.
  • Rachel Ybarra
    Rachel Ybarra
    Occupational Therapist
    Employed with DLC since 2023.
  • Karen Miller
    Karen Miller
    Registered Nurse
    Employed with DLC since 2021.
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